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I'm a SharePoint & Server Systems Administrator for Sears Home Improvement Products, headquartered in sunny Longwood, Florida. My primary functions revolve around SharePoint and Virtualization technologies.

I've been in the IT industry now for about 18 years. For me, IT is more than a job to make a living, more than a career to call my own. It's my passion. I am a self proclaimed geek and have interest in all things technology. I can't imagine being in any other field - I absolutely love what I do.

Editing a SharePoint list in Datasheet View using Access 2010


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I have been running the Office 2010 beta for several months now and have been extremely happy with it. Naturally, many applications don't understand how to work with it or detect it properly yet so, as one would expect with a new beta, there are some tweaks required to get things working properly. One such thing is the ability to use Access 2010 to edit a SharePoint list in Datasheet View.

When you first install Office 2010 and then try to edit a SharePoint list in Datasheet View, you'll receive a quaint little message telling you that "a datasheet component compatible with Windows SharePoint Services is not installed". While I'm sure this will be resolved by the time Office 2010 RTMs next month, in the mean time a tweak to correct is necessary.

I was able to find this great post on allowing SharePoint 2007 to properly detect the Office 2010 clients and this has worked on a mix of systems running Windows Vista & Windows 7, both 32 & 64 bit flavors. Thanks to Ivan for writing such a great and useful post!


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