Mike Laurencelle

I'm a SharePoint & Server Systems Administrator for Sears Home Improvement Products, headquartered in sunny Longwood, Florida. My primary functions revolve around SharePoint and Virtualization technologies.

I've been in the IT industry now for about 18 years. For me, IT is more than a job to make a living, more than a career to call my own. It's my passion. I am a self proclaimed geek and have interest in all things technology. I can't imagine being in any other field - I absolutely love what I do.

Activation could not be completed because the InfoPath Forms Services support feature is not present


Posted on : 11:38 PM | By : Mike Laurencelle

Today I ran into an odd problem when trying to publish an InfoPath form to a site collection in MOSS 2007. When publishing the form, I got a fairly nondescript error that told me to check the logs for more info. Well, off to the logs I go where I am surprised to see "Activation could not be completed because the InfoPath Forms Services support feature is not present."

Huh? How is InfoPath not present? All my other forms are working just fine. No problems anywhere else I can see. And it's not like InfoPath is like Excel Services or Project Server that I can just disable/enable in Services on Server in CA. Well, after some looking around on my favorite search engine, I found a great post by bphillips76 that said they were able to resolve the problem by simply deactivating and reactivating the "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise" features at both the site collection and the site level.

So, having exhausted all other options I could come up with on my own, I decided to give this simple trick a try and was plesantly surprised to see it worked. Moments later, I was able to activate my form and I was back in business.

Thanks for the tip, bphillips76!