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I'm a SharePoint & Server Systems Administrator for Sears Home Improvement Products, headquartered in sunny Longwood, Florida. My primary functions revolve around SharePoint and Virtualization technologies.

I've been in the IT industry now for about 18 years. For me, IT is more than a job to make a living, more than a career to call my own. It's my passion. I am a self proclaimed geek and have interest in all things technology. I can't imagine being in any other field - I absolutely love what I do.

VLAN Tagging to the rescue!


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We’ve recently been running into a problem with our virtualization infrastructure that I found a solution to in Microsoft Hyper-V: VLAN Tagging.

For our main virtualization infrastructure, we are using HP C-class Blades with 4 NICs, each connected to a different VLAN. These servers are set up as a cluster and this has significantly limited our abilities to virtualize more servers than we have, due to the limited number of VLANs we can connect the cluster to for the guest VMs.

Enter Hyper-V with the ability to do VLAN tagging at the VM level. Now, I can trunk the four connections together to provide redundancy and additional throughput for my bandwidth hungry VMs, assign them to multiple VLANs, and have the VMs tag the VLAN they belong on. Sounds simple but obviously there is a lot of planning and configuration that goes into this, especially in a clustered & complex environment such as ours.

I will be posting a follow-up post with step-by-step instructions for how to do this on a more basic level, but the fundamentals will apply to more complex scenarios.

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If you ever get around to posting the detailed story, I am interested :)